UVAS VC calls for research in vaccinology to fight diseases

Research in Vaccinology
Research in Vaccinology

LAHORE (11-04-13): University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Talat Naseer Pasha has called for conducting research in vaccinology to protect our livestock, poultry and human beings from diseases. “This is a challenge as well as an opportunity and we should take it as an opportunity,” said the Vice-Chancellor while addressing the inaugural ceremony of a national workshop on “Recombinant Technologies in Vaccine Development,” organised by the Institute of Biochemistry and Biotechnology of the UVAS on Thursday. Teachers and researchers from University of the Punjab, University of Health Sciences Lahore, Kinnaired College Lahore, Veterinary Research Institute, Livestock and Dairy Development Punjab and College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Jhang participated in the workshop.

He said that in modern era of farming disease control is much more important than its treatment but there is a huge gap between demand and supply of vaccines in Pakistan. He said that it is a dream to make Pakistan a disease-free country which is only possible by developing and adopting modern technologies in disease control.

He said that due to the massive investment in livestock sector the need for vaccine development had increased manifold. Currently there is no poultry farm having less than 30,000 birds and the number of cattle in dairy farms varies between 500 and 15,000, the Vice-Chancellor said, adding that that in Punjab the usage of Foot and Mouth Disease vaccine as compared to animal population is only 2.5 % while in Indian Punjab it is 100%.

Prof Pasha also called for forming a working group to provide professionals a platform to work together and meet the challenges arising out of various diseases and other problems.

Speaking on the occasion, Institute of Biochemistry and Biotechnology Director Prof Dr Tahir Yaqub said that the objectives of the workshop was to understand the immune responses induced by DNA immunization, to provide an overview of recombinant DNA technologies for vaccine development and to train participants on the use of different techniques involved in the development of vaccines for livestock. uvas-group-photo

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