Use of modern irrigation techniques to help save water

April 04, 2013

Modern irrigation techniques to help save water
Modern irrigation techniques to help save water

LAHORE – Use of modern irrigation techniques like drip irrigation is cost effective and can result in huge savings to farmers.Hamid Malhhi, Chief of Punjab Water Council, said this while talking to APP here on Wednesday.

He said in traditional irrigation, farmers flooded water into all parts of the land under cultivation. While in modern methods only those parts of land were irrigated where roots of crops existed, he said adding this results in saving of water up to 80% without loss to crops.

“Due to lack of proper awarness and planning farmers irrigate even those parts of the fields where there are no seeds, plants or trees. Our farmers enjoy seeing water flooding every nook and corner of the field but they need to irrigate specific portions of the fields “, he said.

He said farmers did not prefer to use drip irrigation techniques on uneven fields and adopt costly techniques of leveling the fields and then flood water into it.Quoting experiments from Abu Dhabi and Dubai where drip irrigation techniques are extensively used to save water on sand dunes and hillocks, he said that even educated class of farmers was not using modern measures. Pakistan is a `water stressed country’ and would become water starved country in coming years due to increased population and lack of collective efforts towards generating and preserving water resources. More unfortunate thing is that use of this precious item is not being made efficiently.

Those nations who have realised the importance of water are using 33pc water as compared to per capita use of water for their agriculture produce. Even then they are getting better output, he added.The expert also stressed the need of using internationally proven systems like lining of canals, by geomembrance, drip irrigation systems, tunnel farming, mulching, rain and grey water harvesting etc. to conserve water resources of the country. Source The NATION

Published: Zarai Media Team

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