Experts to study prospects of high density mango plantations

April 04, 2013

Mango Plantations
Mango Plantations

‘The project will be taken up in the coming monsoon season’

Horticulture scientists of Mango Research Station, Dr. Y.S.R. Horticultural University, are planning to take up a study on the possibility of ‘high density mango plantations’ in coastal belt.

“The new project will begin from the coming monsoon season. We are taking saplings from Agricultural College, Aswaraopeta, of Khammam district,” said Mango Research Station Head D. Aparna.

“The King of Fruits, mango, is raised in about 4.71 lakh hectares in the State. But, raising mango orchards, flowering and yield in coastal districts are different, when compared to Telangana region. The scientists are taking up the research to help farmers in coastal areas,” Ms. Aparna told The Hindu on Tuesday.

“Under High Density Plantation, we are purchasing about 70 juicy mango variety saplings from agricultural college. Farmers are raising mango trees at seven metres distance (7/7) in coastal districts, which was 5/5 in Telangana districts. Scientists are taking up research on raising mango orchards at (5/5) distance and increase the yield. We will take up plantation in 20-acre mango orchards available in Mango Research Station from June end, this year. Already, we brought some saplings from the Agricultural College, “ she said.

Training classes

Scientists of Mango Research Station conducted classes for farmers on raising mango orchards, steps to be taken to prevent diseases during flowering and on how to get better yield.

“Farmers from Nuzvid, Mylavaram and other mandals in Krishna district attended the training classes. We explained them on better practices, fruiting and other aspects”, said Ms. Aparna.

Due to sudden rains occurred in the third week of February, farmers suffered huge losses and the yield has come down in Krishna district this year. In Reddygudem, Mylavaram and part of Vissannapet, the production is good. Source The Hindu


Published: Zarai Media Team

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