‘Current weather conditions may harm wheat crop’

April 03, 2013

'Current weather conditions may harm wheat crop'
‘Current weather conditions may harm wheat crop’

Agri Forum Pakistan Chairman Muhammad Ibrahim Mughal has expressed the fear that prevailing weather conditions may prove very harmful as it enhances insect attacks and fungal diseases in standing wheat crop. He urged all the government procurement departments and agencies to make arrangements for buying of wheat immediately after harvesting to save it from any damage.

While addressing an emergent meeting of the Forum here on Tuesday, Mughal said prevailing weather is resulting in several diseases such as fungus, stem rust, leaf rust, brown rust, smut, aphid and many other diseases and insects. Agri Forum Chairman said that wheat had already been sown on one million acres short of target and if aphid and other diseases played havoc with the standing crop then we would not be able to achieve the production target of 25 million tons of wheat while domestic need for food, seed, feed and others is 27 million tons, Mughal added.

He also said that where cloudy weather was helping fungal diseases to damage the wheat crop there it was also hampering the process of seed development in this crop. He said we already have very few varieties having resistance against wheat and now this weather was also increasing disease incidence. He said crop situation in barani areas is encouraging but on the whole situation in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and other areas was not good.  Business Recorder

Published: Zarai Media Team

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