Fourum of Loss of Animal Diversity: UVAS

Fourum of Loss of Animal Diversity
Fourum of Loss of Animal Diversity

Domestic animal diversity loss:
Causes and Challenges

The present variety of farm animal species and breeds is based on centuries old knowledge and selection.

4500 breeds drawn from 40+species
30 % of the world’s breeds are at risk of extinction
Possess valuable traits such as:
a. adaptation to harsh conditions
b. tolerance of parasitic and infectious diseases
c. ability to withstand drought and  poor quality feed

Gradual disappearance of indigenous breeds and narrowing genetic diversity

CAUSES: Exotic breeds, High productivity, Habitat loss, Industrialization, mechanization, higher economic value in short term

Major Breeds
Beetal, Dera Din Panah, Nachi, Kamori, Barberi Khurasani and Dhamani,Thalli
Need to Know:
How to maintain genetic diversity of livestock ?
How communities manage local genetic resources
Local knowledge and good practices and how they cope with threats of changing climate

By Lok Sanjh Foundation


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