Agriculture a Way Out of Crisis

March 20, 2013

By Maria Korologou


Agriculture can rescue Greece from the crisis, if organized on a solid basis via cooperation and specialization. All around Greece organized seminars are offered by individuals or research centers on aromatic plants and new crops.

Dr. Nikos Samarides, botanist-agronomist at AUTH, who participated in and coordinated the conference, Cultivation, standardization and utilization of functional primary products, underlined: “The creation of groups or cooperatives of cultivators, the specialists’ expertise and the division of labor by specialists are the basic conditions that will allow cultivators to organize their crops, production, treatment and processing, as well as the distribution of products. A farmer cannot meet this challenge by himself.”

Across the country many retraining workshops, seminars, conferences are organized. However, Samarides stresses the need for the participation cost to be more affordable. Regarding the utility of such projects he says: “it is of great importance the recording of the local scientific staff, agronomists from the same region to guide young farmers  with special expertise”.

The above constituted the subject of the second conference, New crops – prospects and possibilities, in the beginning of March in Elliniko, Athens. People from all over Greece came to attend the conference. Not only cultivators, but also scientists, engineers, biologists, electricians etc., all those who can offer their knowledge and expertise to the development of agriculture were there. Source Greek Reporter

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Published:  Zarai Media Team

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