Agriculture of Pakistan

Agriculture of Pakistan
Agriculture of Pakistan

Pakistan is an agricultural country. Agriculture is an important sector providing food to the fast growing population of the country. It is the backbone of the economy of Pakistan, as it contributes 24 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) and 60 percent in total export earnings. It employs 47 Percent of the labor force of the country. Approximately 65 percent people are directly or indirectly associated with this field.

It is very important field as it provides raw metrical for a lot of industries. Poultry, dairy and fish farming are the sub departments of agriculture and those are directly affected by this field.

There was a time when agriculture was considered the best profession, business and trade was the second favorite and the Government job was on third number. But now the conditions are totally different. Agriculture is considered as a very low earning profession in Pakistan.

Now the question is what are the causes of its decline and how can we remove the barrios from its way of progress and promotion?

Expensiveness and the policies of Government are two major causes of its decline. Fuel, seeds, poudrette and pesticides are expensive on the other hand farmers don’t get due price of their crop. It is a fact that government fixes the price of wheat but whole sale dealer purchase wheat from farmers on less than that price. Our Government has not given as much attention as, this field needed. That’s why we are facing the current conditions, like the crises of sugar and floor in the recent years. It is necessary that government must take some revolutionary steps for the progress of this field. Government must provide the farmer with modern agricultural equipment on lease and loan with friendly conditions. In this way, agriculture will be promoted and it will play its role more effectively in the progress and economy of Pakistan.

Muhammad Ali Malik

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