Pakistan mango diseases

Mango Diseases
Mango Diseases


Mango diseases in Pakistan

  • Powdery mildew Powdery mildew
  • Sooty mould Sooty mould
  • Anthracnose Anthracnose
  • Fruit rot Fruit rot
  • Leaf blight Leaf blight
  • Stem blight Stem blight
  • Root rot
  • Mango diseases in Pakistan Mango diseases in Pakistan
  • Bacterial leaf spot Bacterial leaf spot
  • Malformation of mango
  • Mango scab Mango scab
  • Mango anthracnose
  • Malformation Malformation
  • Alga spot Alga spot
  • Mango Quick Decline
  • Causal organism Causal organism
  • Botryodiplodia
  • Botryodiplodiatheobromae theobromae Kingdom
  • Fungi Kingdom
  • Fungi Phylum
  • Phylum
  • Deuteromycota order
  • Sphaeropsidales  Genus
  • Botryodiplodia
  • Drying of leaves Drying of leaves
  • Plants dry in few days Plants dry in few days
  • Spliting of bark of bark
  • Gummosis
  • Fungi infect xylem and phloem Fungi infect xylem and phloem
  • Blockage in transportation of plant Blockage in transportation of plant
  • Sudden collapse of plant Sudden collapse of plant

Pakistan faces huge challenges with its mango production, for example fungal diseases.

Pakistani Mango
Pakistani Mango

A separate team of Australian scientists is advising Pakistan on these early stages, and one of them is Dr Ian Bally, a senior horticulturalist with the Department of Primary Industry in Queensland.

“Pakistan’s production is much higher than Australia’s production. I think Pakistan produces over a million tonnes of mangoes every year, compared with Australia’s production of 35 to 40,000 tonnes. However most of that is consumed locally and very little is exported, probably about one percent. In Australia we export about 10 per cent of mangoes.

“In Pakistan there are small subsistence farmers right up to large corporate farmers, but they all seem to grow with the old traditional methods, so our project is basically looking to introduce some modern methods of nursery production so we can get started with disease-free trees, and to give them methods of controlling some of their diseases.”

Agriculture in Pakistan

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