For consideration by the Government of Pakistan and the PVM Council

January 26, 2013

special_attention1        The title “Ministry of Livestock & Poultry Development” (MLPD) would be more appropriate and meaningful for the newly instituted Ministry, if formed.

2        Extent & scope of assignments and competency of this MLPD be spelled out  in unambiguous terms, particularly in respect of improvement & sustenance of Health & Productivity of local breeds; Emphasis be placed on Quality of Stock instead of its Quantity,

3    Status & Role of Livestock sector (including Poultry), be clearly defined, widened

& up-graded as commensurate with its contribution to National Economy, in terms

of production of  Food & consumable articles, etc

4        Recommendations made by the Agricultural Enquiry Committee  in June, 1975

and subsequently approved by the Council of Common Interests in  August,1975,

be re-examined, revised in accordance with the call of present-day Technological

imperatives and implemented without delay,

5        Statistics on various aspects of our Animal Wealth may be up-dated, such as

a)        species-wise population, of  various domestic animals,

b)        quantum of production of

i)        Food for Humans, i.e., Milk, Butter, Cheese, Ghee, & other Dairy , products, edible by man,

ii)   Mutton, Beef, Chicken Meat, Eggs, etc, (Fish ?)

iii)  bye-products for local consumption as well as for Exports, like, Wool,

Hide, Skin, Blood & Bone meal, Hooves & Horns, etc,

iv) utilization of agricultural wastes, roughages, etc,  in-edible for humans

such as  straw, fodder, cotton seed, grain, molasses, etc

c)        education & research institutions & their relevance to precise disciplines of profession,

d)       Number of Graduates in Veterinary & Animal  Sciences –

i)    registered with the Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council

ii)   serving in Public & Private sectors,

iii)  self-employed  and type of their enterprise

6        Regulatory mandate of such under-mentioned high-tech professional regimens, that are of special significance to the Health & Productivity of our Animals/Poultry,  ought to be exercised by MLPD:-

a)        Issue of License to produce locally or import  such Chemical & Biological Products that are exclusively for use in animals/birds,

b)        registration, monitoring  of  local production & imports, sales & field-application  of  such sensitive  Chemotherapeutic  or Prophylactic agents ,

particularly regarding the:-

i)        sale & use be subjected to prescription of a  Registered Veterinary Medical Practitioner (RVMP)


2-ii)   customary supervision by Human Pharmacist of  sales of Medicines/

Vaccines, etc, meant exclusively for Animals be discontinued since a

Veterinary graduate is  qualified in the disciplines of Therapeutics &

Pharmacology and is aware of the kinetics & dynamics of such products

iii) extent of transfer of  drug sensitivity through its residue  carried over in

Milk, Meat, Eggs, etc  of the animal receiving any of these products,

iv)  quality controls exercised by producer/ importer, in respect of  the active

principle, purity & efficacy, with clear warning about contra-indications/

after-effects, shelf-life, etc

v)  efficacy of facilities available  with vaccine production laboratories,

particularly pertinent to the possibility of escape of any live etiological

agent used  therein.

vi)  compatibility & homogeneity of imported Live as well as Inactivated

Vaccines with our indigenous antigenic configuration, particularly when

it  may contain  exotic strains foreign to our epidemiological scenario,


c)         Wherewithals in form of Training, Equipment &  Finances, etc, be injected into the  already existing Research & Biological products Institutes,  instead of opening new institutes with identical functions.


d)       A fact-finding Commission be constituted to find out the causes and

remedies thereof, which are eating away at the vitals of  such  Research

Centres  struggling to survive in the four Provinces.

  1. A symbiotic relationship be developed and sustained between PVMC  and MLPD by amending & restructuring the PVMC Act, 1996, to overcome deficiencies and eliminate ambiguities, as & when pointed by the PVMC.


8   Pakistan Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA)  be  recognized as an  NGO

and duly patronized by  MLPD  to maintain an in-depth cognisance over their

professional  accomplishments, It has, since its inception in 1985,  been proved

that  the PVMA is  neither a Trade Union nor a group of trouble makers but it

provides  an   academic  forum/platform for members  to exchange upto-date

technological know-how.


Dr. M. S. Jaffery

First Veterinary Graduate of Pakistan, Dec, 1947

Kindly also include the above in your RECOMMENDATIONS whenver sent to Government- Interprovincial Coordination-  Thanks,  Jaffery




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