Disinfection of farms is a great significance activity in poultry


The concept of biosecurity in farms disinfection activity is a very important process.

A potentially contaminated, the animals do not offer resistance to disease pathogens when the great presence. Animals are sick of high frequencies, resulting in direct losses (death) or physical (weight loss drug charges, convictions and disease transmission).

Pressure to produce long-term challenge for pathogens that may be present in the environment and facilities. Moisture, sunlight and hot temperatures because of the lack of viable and favorable conditions for protection of active agents, animal biology, waiting for a chance to pollute, multiplication and other animals are sold disseminarrem.

Environmental factors on the survival of such agents moisture, pH, temperature, and as the influence of light.

It is noteworthy that the survival of agents in terms of Brazil’s poultry production is very little information. To get better control of infection and chicken Brazil capability in different conditions on the survival time is needed for the current study.

If cleaning is not done correctly, the next batch of birds live in the environment of agents throughout the last batch came not.

Low-pressure challenge (in this case clean and disinfected) and good resistance (suitable and appropriate nutrition and vaccine immunized at the right time farm / company / sector specific challenges in epidemiology with reality) environment with the best birds performing and less disease, better results.

Any process that results in effective disinfection and improved biosecurity, including people. Then connect the other end of overseeing human resources and guidance and success. Professionals involved in washing and disinfection step by step or stage should be trained, and the importance of always explain the reasons for each step.

Cleaning and facilities, vehicles, equipment, silos, among others, disinfecting materials and labor required investment in time, but the investment is profitable.

Biosecurity as a major source of disinfection can not only effect them without any control or evaluation.

use of microbiological testing is better to use chemical tests.

Disinfectants are a great investment, but it is a miracle drug that is not a problem. The weapons each have specific uses and limitations. Disinfectants are produced valuable for prevention of diseases, and works with each use it correctly and results for review.

Luiz Eduardo Ristow – Veterinary Doctor and Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine. (This article academic support Guilherme Silva)


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