Bakery items’ rates surge following wheat flour price hike

January 24, 2013

The prices of bakery items were raised
The prices of bakery items were raised

Following the increase in wheat flour price, the prices of bakery items were raised by up to Rs 5 at retail outlets. According to details, bread prices have been increased by Rs 3-5 as per their weight and maximum price of one kilogram bread has reached Rs 70 per unit. Fruit Bun and Burger Bun prices have also gone up by Rs 2 to Rs 22 and Rs per unit.

Accordingly, prices of all other items like biscuits, cake, patties etc have also been increased by Rs 2-5 at retail outlets. Sources said that Bakers Association has issued new prices’ list and announced to implement it with immediate effects. It may be mentioned here that wheat price is rising for last two weeks as market movers are manipulating the domestic grain market. In addition, Sindh government has also announced to raise wheat flour price by Rs 3 per kilogram to Rs 34.50 per kilogram at retail market, while wheat flour is still being sold at Rs 39-45 per kilogram in the market.


Courtesy: BR

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