Apple suppliers plan for start of import season

January 22, 2013

Apple Fruit
Apple Fruit

Though supplies of apples in Washington are still going strong and the domestic season continues moving along with strong consumer demand, suppliers are managing volumes in anticipation of the start of the import season in March.

“We work hard at dovetailing the domestic and the import seasons together,” said CF Fresh’s Addie Pobst. CF Fresh is a producer of organic apples and pears, and Pobst mentioned that, at three-quarters of the way through the domestic season, the market has been good.

“The market’s definitely stronger than last year because we’re in a unique situation where it seems like Washington apples are sort of the only game in town,” she said. Though all varieties have fared well this year, she pointed out that demand for Granny Smith apples has been more than expected, and Pink Ladies have also sold well.

Already though, Pobst said, they’re going into apples that have been in storage, and they’ll switch over to Argentinean apples around the second or third week in March.

“We’ll make sure that when the imported Galas start coming in, we’ve cleaned up the Washington crop,” said Pobst. “The first shipments will arrive in Philadelphia, so we’ll supply the East Coast and southern states with that first so there’s no overlap.”

The apple import season is expected to start in March and continue through June.

BY Carlos Nunez

Courtesy: freshplaza

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