“3rd International Conferenceand Expo on Halal Industry”

26th to 27th March, 2013 at PC Lahore.

Expo on Halal Industry
Expo on Halal Industry

Punjab Halal Development Agency (PHDA) is a Halal development and Certification Body owned by Government of Punjab, headed by learned Shariah Scholar Justice (Rtd) Khalil-ur-Rehman Khan. PHDA has been aimed at formalizing the Halal sector i.e. Halal Standards development, Halal Products’ Certifications, Halal Business Projection, Human Resource Progression, Compliance regime of Halal food safety standards and promote Pakistan as “Halal Hub” in the world.

2. We are pleased to inform you that PHDA has planned to organize “3rdInternational Halal Conference & Expo on Halal Industry” Scheduled on 26th to 27th March, 2013 at PC Lahore.

The Conference is aimed to develop the participants’ linkages to Halal trade stakeholders like government’s regulatory bodies, academia, Shariah scholars and key players of global Halal Food market with special focus on:

I. To create awareness regarding the imperatives of Halal product’s value chain

II. To discuss compliance regime for Halal trade

III. To introduce Pakistan as emerging Halal Hub

IV. To explore the potential of Halal industry and attract the investors and consumer for Halal branding.

V. Halal-in-practice: Visit to the state-of-the-art slaughtering & meat processing facilities, Halal reference labs, etc.

Dr. Hamid Jalil
Chairman Organizing Committee
Cell: 0300-4150400



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