Kitchen Gardening

Jan 15, 2013

Kitchen gardening is one of the finest concepts for producing food for ourself. An area of 1000 to 1100 sq feet land is enough to provide vegetables to a family of three or four. But kitchen gardening fails because of lack of knowledge of sowing time of different varieties of vegetables and whenever there is any attack of pest and diseases,growers are ill prepared to save their vegetables. When vegetables are infested with pests and diseases, they rarely go the market to buy chemicals to control them. But controlling some pests and diseases in kitchen garden is not all a big problem and can easily do it with our kitchen material.

Kitchen Gardening
Kitchen Gardening


Chilly spray. Use 20 grams of chilly powder and four fresh chillies in two cups of water and blend it well in mixture. Spray fresh. This will kill caterpillars.

Corriander spray. Boil equal parts of coriander and water for ten minutes. Strain and bottle. This is suitable for spider mites and aphids

Garlic spray. Soak four garlic cloves for several days in one litre of cold water and then blend. This will kill ants, caterpillars and cabbage worms. A stronger brew can be made by using hot water and adding several red peppers, ground up, and adding two tablespoons of pure soap to help the spray stick. Use spray when solution has cooled.

Marigold spray. Put Marigold flowers with boiling, soapy water and leave overnight. Strain and this can be used for Aphids.

Nicotine spray. Soak cigarette or cigar ends in water for a week at the rate of 30 ends to 4 litres of water. Remove the filter ends first. This spray will kill scale insects and mealy bug.


Home Made Horticultural Oil

Take two cups of vegetable oil and mix it with half cup of dish washing detergent. Shake it well so that it takes milky colour. Now when ever you have use it then just take two spoons of it and put it into one lt of water and directly spray it on plants. it controls, leaf miner, white fly, scale insects and mealy bugs and many others that you will discover when you use it.

Onion spray

Chop up one large unpeeled onion. Place in a blender with one litre of water and blend on a slow speed, to a milky consistency. This is useful for use on aphids and red spider mites.


Any kind of pepper sprinkled on wet leaves will protect them from caterpillars.

Soap spray

Dissolve 225 grams of pure laundry soap in 9 litres of water. This will kill most pests on your plants. Allow it to dry on plants and then hose it down the next day with clean water.


An effective home-brewed fungicide can be made from three common household ingredients. Add five teaspoons each of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to a gallon of water, and spray it on your plants whenever powdery mildew, downy mildew, rust, and other fungal diseases show up. Don,t spray it during sunny part of the day.


Vinegar Fungicide

Mix 3 tablespoons of natural apple cider vinegar in five lt of water. Spray during the cool part of the day for black spot on roses and other fungal diseases. Don,t spray it during the sunny part of the day.

Baking Soda Spray

Take one table spoon of baking soda and two and a half spoons of vegetable oil in 5 lt of water. Mix it well and now add one table spoon of soap. Mix it well. Spray it twice within 15 days. Don,t spray it during the sunny part of the day.

Milk spray. One part milk with nine parts of water is excellent against powdery mildew, botrytis rot and black spot diseases.


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