EFSA releases data on GM maize

Jan 15, 2013

GM maize
GM maize

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has made all data on genetically modified (GM) maize NK603 publicly available on its website. This is part of the authority’s new initiative designed to allow access to data, enhancing transparency in risk assessment.

The programme, to be developed in cooperation with the Authority’s partners and stakeholders, will consider how best and to what extent technical data used in risk assessments can be made available to the broader scientific community and interested parties.

The project is part of EFSA’s continuing commitment to openness and addresses recommendations made by an independent evaluation report of the Authority’s performance to further enhance transparency in its decision-making processes. EFSA’s Science Strategy also highlights the importance of the Authority playing a leading role in making relevant scientific data more accessible to all interested parties.

Previously the data was made available on request but now any member of the public or scientific community will be able to examine and utilise the full data sets used in this risk assessment.

Courtesy: AllAboutFeed

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