Suitable time for corn sowing from 15th: experts

January 14, 2013

Spring Corn
Spring Corn

Agriculture experts said spring corn is being cultivated approximately on 1.3 million acre land in Punjab and the time conducive for its sowing starts from January 15 till the last week of February. They told APP on Sunday that corn is being cultivated twice in a year, one in Kharif season and the other in spring season.

Experts said manufacturing and utilisation of bio-fertiliser has become very important to overcome the electricity crisis in the country, adding that corn plays a basic role in the manufacturing of bio-fertiliser.

Only that corn crop grows properly that growers sow on the right time, they added. Heavy loam soil which has a good capacity of absorbing water and having PH 7.5 is suitable for the cultivation of the crop, they said; and added that land should be properly levelled for good growth of the crop. Growers can earn good profit by sowing spring corn on land where potatoes, cotton and sugarcane are cultivated as farmers have not to prepare land separately for the crop, they added.

Courtesy: Associated Press of Pakistan

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