Field and farmer day in the premises of Jhang

January 12, 2013

Dr. M. Zahid Farooq

Being an agricultural country Pakistan mostly depends on livestock due to  poor literacy rate farmers adopt the traditional methods in the maintenance and production of their animals. Due to increase population the basic need of food are not fulfilled by these traditional methods of livestock rearing. Being veterinarian it was felt to aware the farmers about new means and methods of livestock feeding and different managerial practices being made at farm level.In this regard a comprehensive tour plane was made by Dr. M. Zahid Farooq with the permission of worthy Principal Prof. Dr.M.Younus College of veterinary and animal sciences Jhang. The students of DVM  9th semester   along with course incharge Dr. M Zahid Farooq visited the near village Doka chak  farm,Gill agricultural farm, Shakarganj and Bagha-e- Ansar Dairy farms.  Farmers welcomed us heartedly and co operates us fully.

Our aim was to give them knowledge regarding importance of silage,hay making. Silage, the ensiled green fodder enriched with nutrients greatly as compared to normal green fodder. Group representative Mr.M.Khurrum, Mr.Ansar Abbas and Yassir Mehmood give a comprehensive presentation on silage, its manufacturing, and nutritive value. They  presented the theme 1stly in Urdu language and then for the ease and demand of people also explained in Punjabi language.


People were surprised when they came to know about this new food item. But some farmers refused to adopt the technique because they were of the view that it was laborious and time consuming process and they can’t wait for this. But they were convinced when they came to know the importance of silage and its beneficial effects on animals. Farmers accepted that although they have large number of animals but they didn’t care for their nourishment and management due to unawareness about this valuable feed especially in drought periods when there is scarcity of fodder.


On visiting the farm we came to see two diseased animals one with suffering from eye cataract and other one with cyst on its neck region. Dr. M.Zahid Farooq examined this and suggested the appropriate treatment procedure for them.

We saw that management practices  were not too good and the construction of sheds were not in appropriate direction.


Dr.M. Zahid Farooq addressed the farmers about the importance of good sanitary conditions because of most of the parasitic problems was due to the unhygienic conditions. Students administered anthalmentic to the animals for treatment of  endoparasites .After refreshment we thanked the farmers and  returned back to the institute at about 12:00 pm. Respected teacher argued that the tour was successful and student opinions was that the tour was informative.


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