UAE on hiring spree in 2013: Here’s a list of hot sectors for job opportunities

Monday, January 07, 2013

With several large-scale projects announced by UAE government and private sector, recruitment experts believe industry sectors will increase headcount this year

Job Opportunities
Job Opportunities

By  Shuchita Kapur

The UAE job market is expected to follow an upward trajectory this year after a steady 2012.

An increasing number of large-scale projects are being announced by the UAE government as well as the private sector. While that led a number of businesses to increase hiring (albeit cautiously) last year, recruitment experts in the country believe that quite a few industry segments and sectors will increase their headcount in the months to come.

This, obviously, augurs well for the market in the long-term, leading to salary hikes and job growth for individuals.
Sectors that are expected to generate jobs include both the traditional pillars of the economy – oil, gas and petrochemicals – as well as the previously battered ones, such as banking, construction and real estate, with the latter having a spill-over effect on industries like logistics.

As confidence returns to the market and the economy improves, we are also witnessing growth in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and retail sectors, say jobs specialists.

“More construction throughout the region has prompted additional recruitment in this area as well as in property and real estate. This has had the knock-on effect of impacting other related industries such as utilities and logistics,” Gareth El Mettouri, Associate Director at recruitment specialists Robert Half International, told ‘Emirates24|7’.

“The FMCG and healthcare/pharmaceuticals industries are also seeing additional demand and job creation,” he added.

Hasnain Qazi, Middle East Business Manager at hiring advisors Huxley Associates, lists his hot sectors for jobs in 2013. “Banking, oil & gas, construction/ Infrastructure projects, retail, leisure and tourism and FMCG,” are the sectors that will see strong hiring this year, he told this website.
Suhail Masri, VP Sales at also has similar picks. “In the UAE sectors [that are expected to hire the most are] banking/finance (34 per cent), oil, gas and petrochemicals (32 per cent), and telecommunications (27 per cent).” These findings are based on a survey conducted by the jobs site.
Retail, trade and logistics are strong areas for job opportunities this year on the back of a good 2012. According to a recent Monster Employment Index, these sectors in the country recorded a huge spike in online job opportunities, surging by 45 per cent year-on-year. The findings were released last month.

Analysts have predicted that more employers in the country are expected to hire this year.
Jennifer Campori, Managing Director, Middle East and Europe, Charterhouse Partnership, sees a strong year ahead as more projects have been announced with the second quarter of the year to set the stage for growth this year.

[UAE jobs forecast 2013: More hiring than firing

More employers in the country are expecting to hire: analysts


  • Shuchita Kapur
Published Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Dubai jobs and employment openings across the UAE are expected to be back in good numbers this year as the economy picks up after a relatively decent 2012, recruitment market analysts have predicted.

Employers are heading into the New Year with cautious optimism as the UAE jobs market opens up again.

The economy has been growing at a gradual but steady pace and is poised to stay on this path in 2013.

As a result, the UAE workforce can expect a year of new jobs in modest numbers, pay hikes in single digits, the return of the annual bonuses and in the absence of any untoward incident, layoff announcements that seem to have gone down with the gloomy days of the last recession will not be back.

Jennifer Campori, Managing Director, Middle East and Europe, Charterhouse Partnership sees the growth of 2012 continue well ahead in the next 12 months.

“There will certainly be continued growth across the UAE job market in 2013 and with the continued recovery of Dubai and announcement of new projects, we expect Q2 to set the stage for growth in 2013,” she told Emirates 24|7.

Agrees Suhail Masri, VP Sales at

“Job counts on [our website and] quarterly research surveys indicate positive prospects for the year ahead.

“On an average day, there are over 11,000 jobs advertised on [our website], significantly up from the year before and similar numbers of unadvertised jobs are filled by employers indicating a robust pick up in hiring activity,” he explained.

More employers in the country are expecting to hire more than in recent years, but given the past weak years, along with a weak global market, UAE companies will continue to play it safe, foresee market experts.

“Despite lingering global job market uncertainty, the UAE has been experiencing relatively strong economic growth resulting in increased hiring across specialist occupations.

“While many multinational organisations are taking a more cautious approach, waiting to see what happens in the Eurozone, many local companies are taking the opportunity to recruit both local and expatriate candidates to help manage growth initiatives and rising workloads,” Gareth El Mettouri, Associate Director at Robert Half International told this website.

Experts believe confidence is growing fast in the country as residents expect more jobs to open up and anticipate their personal incomes to go up.

According to a new survey by, 65.3 per cent of respondents (Mena based) are set to welcome 2013 with a new job.

“Financial executives are optimistic, with eight in 10 confident about both their country and company’s economic prospects, signalling additional hiring across the organisation.

“While volume has risen, the time it takes departments to hire has increased as well, often the result of multiple interview rounds for both permanent and temporary candidates and more senior-level sign-offs required before an offer is extended.

“With some profiles in short supply, many organisations are realising that their top choices are accepting offers from competing organisations,” added Mettouri.’s latest quarterly consumer confidence survey (November 2012) “shows that prospects for the UAE are highly positive for the year 2013.]

Employees in the country and the region at large are positive about the opportunities that 2013 will offer. As per a recent poll conducted by, 75.3 per cent of Mena professionals are feeling positive about ushering in 2013 and 65.3 per cent of the respondents (Mena based) expect a new job this year.

The jobs site’s last quarterly consumer confidence survey (November 2012) shows that prospects for the UAE are highly positive for the year 2013 as 49 per cent believe that their personal financial situation will improve, 47 per cent have similar positive hopes for the UAE’s economy, and 52 per cent also believe that business conditions will follow suit, while 37 per cent are optimistic about the availability of jobs.

Courtesy: Dubai Media

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