Prices of daily use items remain stable in KP

January 07, 2013


Market Updates
Market Updates

Prices of daily use items remained stabled as no significant change registered during first week of 2013, except slight increase in prices on poultry products and tomatoes in retail market, according to survey conducted by BR here on Sunday.

The survey noted that the prices mostly of routine kitchen basket remained unchanged during preceding week in retail market. Tomato was available at Rs 40 per kg and Onion is being sold at Rs 30 per kg.

The Potato is being sold at Rs 30 per kg, Cauliflower Rs 25 per kg, Cabbies Rs 30 per kg, Kaddo at Rs 40 per kg, Tinda Rs 50 per kg, Turnip Rs 25 per kg. Only the ladies’ fingers is being sold at very high price Rs 100 per kg, and Shimla Mirch Rs 80 per kg, and Arvi at Rs 50 per kg, and Peas Rs 60 per kg, which is more costly among all kinds of veggies in open market. Ginger is available at Rs 120 per kg, Garlic Rs 160 per kg, radish Rs 20 per bundle and Carrot at Rs 25 per kg.

The survey noted that prices of all ranges of pulses remained unchanged during the preceding week. Dal Chana is being sold at Rs 100 per kg, Dal Maash Rs 120 per kg, Dal Masoor Rs 100 per kg. High quality big Chana was available at Rs 130 per kg, while another range of Chana is being sold at Rs 110 per kg, white Bean at Rs 130 per kg, Red Bean 130 per kg, and Moong Rs 100 per kg. The good quality Kornel Rice was available at Rs 130 per kg, Toota Rice is available at Rs 50-60 per kg. The Ghee/Cooking Oil of different ranges and brands are available in retail market from Rs 170 to Rs 200 per kg. The survey also witnessed that steadily increase in the prices of poultry products in the wholesale and retail markets with 20 percent high prices against the last week of 2012.

Courtesy: BR

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