KP govt claims worthy achievements in livestock sector

January 04, 2013

Livestock Sector
Livestock Sector

The ANP led provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa during last four and half years has set up 200 livestock dispensaries in each 5-kilometer radius area throughout the province to not only protect cattle from diseases, but also took it forward towards self-sufficiency and meat and milk.

According to a document on the achievements of the Directorate of Livestock and Dairy Development, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the provincial government had achieved better results to promote the potential sector. The research laboratories established in the province are producing preventive vaccines against all diseases.

Before the present government, the annual development fund of the department was nominal as it was receiving a meagre amount of Rs 55.62 million, which now had increased to Rs 260.6 million. During the last period of four and half years, development projects worth Rs 229.348 million have been completed in the province.

The mandate of the department is the application as well as basic research to improve health and production of animals, development of potent and effective vaccines against infections/contagious diseases of livestock, surveillance, diagnosis and control of livestock diseases.

The development projects completed by the Research Wing of the Livestock and Dairy Development during the period of the present government are included the Introduction of Nili Ravi & Azakhel Buffaloes at Livestock Research & Development Station Surezai, Peshawar, Enhancement of Livestock Productivity through Improved Research & Development Methodology in Southern Region D.I. Khan, Upgradation of Veterinary Research & Diagnostic Laboratory, Balogram, Swat, Preparation & Evaluation of Probiotic to enhance the utilisation of Tanniniferious Tree Leaves in Ruminans, Strengthening of Veterinary Research & Diagnostic Centre, D.I. Khan, Pilot Project for Improved Milk & Meat in KP through farmers participation, Preparation and Evaluation of Trivalent Food & Mouth Disease Vaccine, Molecular Characterisation of Brucella Species Prevalent in Cattle, Buffalo Sheep, Goat and Human-being in KP and Studies different factors affecting the emergence and prevalence of tick borne infection in livestock of the province.

The Veterinary Research Institute, Peshawar including its Regional Veterinary Research & Disease Investigation Centres, Swat, Kohat, D.I.Khan and Abbottabad during last five years processed 151303 samples, 114667 post-mortems and attended 2076 outbreaks for diagnosis of various infections diseases.

The Biological Production Centre, responsible for production, standardisation/quality control of vaccines produced five different types of viral and bacterial vaccines included Haemorrhagic Septicemia vaccine, Black Quarter vaccine, Enterotoxemia vaccine, Anthrax Spore vaccine, HS Oil Based vaccine, Newcasstle Disease vaccine and Autogenous vaccine.

During the last five years, a total of 85,000 million doses viral and 42.438 million doses bacterial vaccines, while 10.960 million doses of Auto Vaccines were produced. The special achievement of the centre of biological production is Production of Foot & Mouth disease vaccine through a developmental project, which is now produced on mass scale for livestock farmers.

The department is also providing advisory services to farmers and during the period they trained about 52414 livestock farmers, organised more than 96 veterinary camps and about 102 radio talk shows were delivered for the farmers’ information regarding livestock management and disease control.

The efforts of the scientists have also made the province self-sufficient in production of food powder for livestock and during the devastated flood of 2010, special cell was established in the directorate for vaccination of and provision of feed powder to all animals in the province.


Courtesy: BR

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