Hemorrhagic Septicemia (Gul Ghoto) Disease in Cattle

Dr Gul Nawab Khan, In-charge Mobile Veterinary Clinic Peshawar, advised the farmers to vaccinate animals against hemorrhagic septicemia or commonly referred as “Gul Ghoto”, a common disease during monsoon.The disease is fatal especially in buffaloes and cows. This disease can be spread via body fluids, manure and fodder of affected animal. The major victims of the disease are young and weak cattle.

The common symptoms of the disease are water discharge from eyes, and mouth. Change in voice, irritation in throat, and high fever.Loss of apatite and deep breathing with swelling on neck region are also visible signs in the disease.

Preventive Steps from Gul Ghoto

Vaccinate the cattle especially before monsoon
Quarantine sick animal from healthy ones
Give cattle good quality fodder and clean water
Contact the nearest vet hospital for treatment of affected animal

Source Pak agri Blog

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