Dry fruits’ prices mixed on Jodia Bazaar

Dry Fruits Market
Dry Fruits Market

The prices of dry fruits ended mixed on Jodia Bazaar here on Wednesday. The following changes were noted.

DRY FRUITS (Per 40 kg): Chaman Almond was quoted at Rs 5000/18,000, Almond (USA) closed higher by Rs 7000 to Rs 28,000/34,000, Walnut in Shell I finished up by Rs 2000 to Rs 10,000/18,000, Walnut (Kernel) moved upward by Rs 4000 to Rs 32,000/40,000, Chilgoza (roasted) went down by Rs 6000 to Rs 52,000 and Chilgoza (un-roasted) finished down by Rs 6000 to Rs 32,000.

Courtesy: BR

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