Brazil’s top soyabean state receives less rain

January 03, 2013

Less rain
Less rain

Brazil’s top soya state Mato Grosso received less rain than usual in December, but above-average rains quenched thirsty soils in the southern producing states and analysts still expect a record crop overall. The harvest has already started in some parts of Mato Grosso and the drier December has not concerned analysts too much because plentiful rains in November had already given seeds a chance to germinate in the top producing state.

No 3 soya state Rio Grande do Sul, which starts harvesting later than Mato Grosso and just finished planting, received 161 percent more rain in December than it did on average in the five previous years, according to Somar meteorologists. That brought relief to farmers who were worried after a very dry November in t he southern producing areas.

No 2 producing state Parana received 147 mm (5.79 inches) of rain last month, 6 percent less than average. Central Mato Grosso got 62 percent less precipitation than normal while the southern part of the state received 13.5 percent less rain. Somar forecast rain for much of central Brazil this week, however, bringing relief to farmers in Mato Grosso who planted later and need to wait a bit longer to start harvesting. “We should have more consistent rain over central Brazil in the coming days,” Somar said in a daily weather bulletin on Wednesday.

Courtesy: Reuters

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