Two firms ready to exports Ukraine maize to China

January 01, 2013

exports Ukraine maize to China
exports Ukraine maize to China

Ukraine’s state-run DPZKU grain company and private grain firm Rise could be the first exporters of Ukrainian maize to China, the state quarantine service said on Thursday. Ukraine, the world’s fourth-biggest maize exporter in 2011/12, has said it planned to export about 2 million tonnes of maize to China in the 2012/13 season and the first shipments could take place this year.

Agriculture Minister Mykola Prysyazhnyuk has said the former Soviet republic had harvested about 21 million tonnes of maize this year and 14 to 15 million tonnes could be exported. Ukraine boosted its maize output to a record 22.7 million tonnes last year from about 5 million tonnes five years ago.

Ukraine exports its maize mostly to the Middle East and north Africa, but the former Soviet republic has said it was looking for new markets for its bumper harvests. Earlier this year Ukraine said it might start shipments of maize to China by the end of this year under an agreement which will allow the country to pay back a $3 billion Chinese loan.


Courtesy: Reuters

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