Effects of Hoeing on Standing Crops that Reduce the yield

30 December 2012

Hoeing is big issue near farmer to remove the weeds, soil aeration, nitrogen fixing and fertility restoration in standing crops. But on the other hand some factors are studied by the approval of experiments which reduced the plant yield i.e.



  • It cut the adventitious roots- they are the fibrous side root system which take up phosphorus, fix the nitrogen and other macro and micro nutrients from soil which support the plant for growth and development.
  • When fibrous roots system damaged then plant only depend on main root (tap root). Applicable nutrients are only available on upper soil surface, so plant cannot uptake it.
  • Hoeing damage the eggs of beneficial insects which are responsible for nitrogen fixing and fertility restoration.
  • Applicable nutrient move from one place to another.
  • Hoeing damage the whole plant or some parts.
  • It disturb the level of soil.

The main objective of hoeing near farmers is only weeds removal and soil aeration. This problem can be solved by using the below suggestion.

  • By using recommend weedicide, at the pre emergence stage or post emergence stage for wheat, cotton, sugarcane, maiz, potato etc. weedicide dose can recommended by agrarian decision after field vist.

ü   Pre emergence weedicides i.e.

Pandimethelen@1000ml/acre, Acetacholor@500ml/acre, S-metolacholor etc.

ü  Post emergence weedicides viz.

Bromoxinal+MCPA@500ml/acre, Cholodenafop@150gm/acre,

Fenoxaprop@500ml/acre, Fluroxypyr + MCPA@300gm/acre,

Isoproturon@800gm/acre, Atlantis@180gm/acre, glyphosate@150ml/16L water,

Paraquat (Gramaxone)@1000ml/acre.

  •  By using recommended soil supplements at both stages i.e. pre sowing and post sowing.

These supplements improve the soil structure and make a fertile soil for better crop yield.

ü  Humic acid, application of this recommended dose chemical in soil at pre and post sowing break the soil hard pan, active the bonded nutrients in soil, soil aeration by softening of soil.

ü  By the application of balance macro and micro nutrient at sowing and post sowing time.

This method is very efficient to improve the soil structure and increase the crop yield for the earning of farmers, time saving and for country development.

By:  Shehzad Ahmad Kang: Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan,38040.

Corresponding author’s email; shehzadpbg@gmail.com

Courtesy: Zarai Media Team


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