Government urged not to award MFN status to India

December 29, 2012


Most Favoured Nation (MFN)
Most Favoured Nation (MFN)

Strongly reacting to the statement of spokesman of Pakistani foreign office Moazzam Ahmad Khan that Pakistan is committed to give India status of Most Favoured Nation (MFN), Kisan Board Pakistan has demanded of the government to refrain from any such step.

KBP President Sardar Zafar Hussein Khan in a statement issued here on Friday said that India is hatching conspiracy to turn Pakistani lands in to barren by stopping the water of rivers to Pakistan. While our rulers in order to appease Indians are working on giving it status of MFN and providing it trade access to other countries through Pakistan. He demanded that all sort of trade should be stopped with India till the resolution of basic conflicting issues. He also said that Pakistani growers should be given all those incentives which are being given to Indian farmers.

Courtesy: BR

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