Government to launch RDPDI project to meet growing demand of food products


December 29, 2012

Research and Development of Poultry and Dairy Industry
Research and Development of Poultry and Dairy Industry

Federal Government would launch a Research and Development of Poultry and Dairy Industry (RDPDI) project worth Rs 560.44 million including Rs 23.94 million of Foreign Exchange Components (FEC) to meet the growing demand of food products in the country with rapid increase in population, it is learnt here.

According to the documents available with BR, dairy is a promising sector supplying quality food to the human population, earning foreign exchange and contributing to poverty alleviation in the country. About 143 million livestock heads are available in Pakistan engaging more than 35 million of workforce in rural areas. Livestock being an important sub-sector of the agricultural economy of Pakistan is playing vital role by contributing 11.4 percent to the GDP which accounts for 49.1 percent of the value-added agriculture. Livestock is producing 28,624 and 1,087 thousand tones of milk and beef, respectively, for the consumers. The foreign exchange earning from this sector is more than Rs 25 billion.

Poultry contributes a large chunk of money to the national economy with an investment of more than Rs 70 billion and has become the second largest industry after textile in the country. Pakistan’s poultry industry is importing 100,000 grandparents (GP) chicks annually from Holland, Germany and USA at a cost of $26/per day-old D-line female chick. This GP is producing 5 million of parent chicks, which in turn are giving rise to 500 million broilers. Subsequently, these broilers are producing 450,000 tones of poultry meat and simultaneously 20 million commercial layers, producing almost 4,500 million eggs annually. In this way, poultry sector is contributing its major share to provide animal protein to the common man and is striving hard to fulfil the gap of animal protein in the country.

The present project ‘Establishment of Poultry & Dairy Animal Training and Research Centers’ in Punjab (Pattoki)’ is aimed at promoting livestock sector, which is increasing the animal protein by improving the productive potential of livestock and poultry bird in local environment. The project is part of 15-year vision/perspective plan of University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) Lahore. The project will be funded through PSDP (HEC).

The objective of the project is to provide trained technical professional to Pakistan poultry industry to run the poultry operations on the modern and scientific lines. However, specific objectives of the project are as: 1) a step to give a new turn to Pakistan poultry industry by introducing new technology through establishing research units at UVAS New Campus, Pattoki, for providing experienced and trained qualified veterinarians to the industry; 2) To create awareness among the poultry technicians and poultry specialists about the modern trend of environmentally controlled houses equipped with complete automation for increasing their efficiency to a great extent; 3) To impart practical training to top poultry farmers, poultry technicians and poultry specific modern units of broiler, layer, broiler breeders, feed milling, hatchery, marketing extension and feedback about the changing trend of modern poultry production; 4) modern research and training centers to be established to provide opportunity to M.Phil. and Ph.D. scholars to conduct their postgraduate level research compatible to national and international research priorities and finally 5) To promote collaboration between dairy farmers and various national and international institutions working in different areas of dairy production, etc.

Under the project, as many as six independents: i) Research Model Broiler Unit; ii) Research Model Layers Unit; iii) Research Model Broiler Breeder Unit; iv) Research Model Hatchery Unit; v) Feed mill for Poultry and Dairy and vi) Poultry Marketing, Extension and Feedback Unit to be established.


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