Prices of eggs, other poultry items at record high

December 23, 2012


increasing demand of eggs and other poultry products
increasing demand of eggs and other poultry products

With increasing demand of eggs and other poultry products in winter, prices were registered a record high in wholesale and retail markets, according to survey conducted by Business Recorder here on Saturday.

It was noted in the survey that the egg prices witnessed a 30 to 40 percent increase during last one week. The egg is being sold at Rs 140 per dozen against the prices of Rs 130 in the preceding week, which was cost at per egg Rs 12 to consumer. Other poultry products, were also registered a substantial increase as chicken meat is being sold at Rs 166 per Kg, while alive chicken is available at Rs 250-270 per Kg.

Eggs, used in a variety of food products from biscuits and cakes to pasta, mayonnaise, while also considered an important ingredient for home-made dishes, were available in the retail market at Rs 100-105 per dozen during November this year. “Is there any responsible authority to check manifold prices of poultry products, especially the eggs rates”, said Ikram Khan while purchasing chicken meat and egg. He said that the unstable prices of poultry items were totally out from purchasing power of a common man.

A dealer in retail market said that they had purchased eggs on high prices from wholesale markets, while supply of poultry items were also low to meet the required demand, which was major cause for soaring prices of eggs and other poultry products. He attributed that the smuggling of poultry items were not stopped despite imposition of ban by Peshawar High Court. But, he said that the authorities concerned were reluctant to take action against the people involved in this illegal business.

“We are forced to quit business as a number of poultry farm closed down due to facing immense financial losses, said Haji Jhangariz, a wholesaler and owner of poultry farm. He informed that dealers had compelled to sale chicken as per prices fixed by the district administration for the last three to four months, because of 50 per cent poultry farm were closed down due to growing financial losses to owners. “The closure of a large number of farms causes a huge shortages of poultry products in wholesale and open markets”, he attributed.

Jhangariz further said that prices were not remained stable due to increasing rates of poultry fodders, while a huge differences of prices between Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa poultry markets also making difficulty to sale chicken at lower prices. He informed that the poultry fodder prices had increased Rs 80 to Rs 100 per sac twice a time in Punjab, which was available at Rs 2,100.

While, he said the transportation charges, pesticide and other labour expenses are not possible to sale chicken against the prices fixed at Punjab province. He demanded for decreasing the prices of poultry fodder, which can also maintain rates chicken in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.


Courtesy: BR

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