Request to all Vets … Be aware of Fraud

Request to all Vets … Be aware of Fraud

Email Received
by Dr. M Jassar Aftab from a Veterinarian

AOA, hope u will be fine and enjoying life with good health, as discussed earlier that almost one years ago I received call from unknown number that I am Mr. ————- and we want to establish calve fattening farm and we want that u gave us its consultancy to us from feasibility to calves sale and purchase…I said I m govt servant cannot have time to give u they insisted that just gave your Sunday and 4 hours a week and we will pay you 8000 Rs per trip, I said oka, they called me and picked me, they said company owner is busy lets go home take breakfast then talk to you….they crossed the city and bring at some dark narrow street in some Muhalla home and after few minutes the concerned manager who was calling to me came and gave me warm welcome then he told about his company owner and said he is much buzy person as we connect him then we meet him there at Multan…he said he is the manager, son of that company, his father is dead and company owner took pity on me and said make 5000 animal cattle farm and do all its requirement .. he said he will do me some agreement after getting consultant job confirm and will give me cultus car and 5 lac loan which will be non refundable and if performance will be good then loan will not returned … after few hours he called me company owner that I m here and want to meet him, he said he had an urgent work, he will meet me at shujjabad and take interview, after taking tea and breakfast some other person came and said that he is expert in some ghoura game which is like that one wins and one loss..he said to the manager that if he will take company owner meeting, time of just 5 minutes then he will give 5 lac to him … in the meanwhile he took 5 lac amount from his pocket and put on table and said just gave me 5 minutes of the owner …………. manager put money in his pocket and said owner is coming here for my interview he will try to do so … after 3 hours the owner came and asked some brief question and said u r selected submit your CV in few days and start working and gave me 5 lac cash at once and said he is leaving in the meanwhile the manager said there is some when to meet u also … the other person came and requested to play that game now..he said he is busy finally he decided to play then he start playing and said me will be referee of that game I said I had no idea and not interested in it he said ok see the game. He put all the balls in some pot and there was game of even and odd, owner was loosing in the beginning 1 lac then 10 lac then 1 crore and he put all the money in table by putting one crore at table in cash .. I was shocked to see all…..then other person said if u will give me that 5 lac then I can able to play more game, finally he lost that game and taken my 5 lac also lost and said that he will return to me when all will be together again…the owner put money and said c u after few days with CV I said oka and meet me and went after going of, owner manager said that leave cattle farm, be a part of it in 2 days, bring CV and play game together I said oka after relieving from them I came back home in the way many telephone came of them finally I had to close my sim and saved….plz be aware of such frauds my special request to all vets.

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