PTA announces MIP for tobacco crop 2013

December 13, 2012


Pakistan Tobacco Board (PTB)

Pakistan Tobacco Board (PTB) has announced Minimum Indicative Prices (MIP) for the tobacco crop 2013. The decision was made in the 139th meeting of the Pakistan Tobacco Board held here in the PTB Head Office. The meeting endorsed the findings of the Special Committee on the Cost of Production and the Prices and Grade Revision Committee with regard to the Minimum Indicative Prices (MIP) for the tobacco crop 2013.

The meeting has approved a price of Flue Cured Virginia, which has been fixed at Rs 141/kilogram as compared to Rs 121/kg price of the year 2012 while the price of White Patta (WP), Burley and Dark Air Cured (DAC) have been fixed at Rs 65/kg, Rs 117/kg and Rs 57/kg respectively. The prices of these varieties in 2012 were Rs 58/kg, Rs 117/kg and Rs 51/kg respectively. In accordance with Section 8(1) of the PTB Ordinance 1968, a separate MIP of Rs 153.26/kg for the sub-mountainous areas was approved by the Board for the first time in the history of PTB.


Courtesy: BR

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