Meeting on goods transports’ strike: TDAP ignores fruit/vegetable sector

December 13, 2012


Trade Develop-ment Authority of Pakistan (TDAP)

Trade Develop-ment Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), which finally called a meeting of exporters to address the transporters strike, has ignored fruit and vegetable sector, the worst hit commodities of the ongoing strike. In the meeting, which was held to resolve the issue, there was no exporter from fruit and vegetables sector, who were later forced to hold a press conference on Wednesday against the strike.

According to officials of Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters, Importers and Merchant Association (PFVA), no one from their association was invited to the meeting despite the fact that the exporters of perishable items were more concerned about the present development. However, official sources at TDAP claimed that the authority had called the meeting of exporters to address the transporters strike. After discussion with exporters, TDAP has taken up the issue with concerned authorities at the federal and provincial level. The meeting was chaired by Chief Executive of TDAP. Ministries of Communication and Ports and Shipping were also looking into the issue, the sources claimed.


Courtesy: BR

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