Agriculture: World Soil Day an opportunity to sell soil science

Wednesday, 5 December  2012

By Sally Dakis

Soil Science
Soil Science

The incoming president of Soil Science Australia Dr Richard Doyle is urging soil scientists to better communicating the message that soils sustain our lives.

On this World Soils Day, Richard Doyle says it’s up to soil scientists to get the message through to the community and to politicians of the value of soils.

Richard Doyle says World Soils Day is a chance to engage with the community.

“I think it’s a chance for soil scientists to communicate better their passion for soils and the importance of soils in feeding and clothing, and driving the forests that sustain us all.

We probably don’t do that well enough” he said.

“The pressure on land, the pressure on fertilisers supply, the population growth globally , we’ve got a lot of people to feed and most people don’t realise they are dependant on the soil system to do that.”

It’s hard getting that message through …. that’s partly our fault, as scientists not getting in there enough and driving that, but I think we need to spend more on soils.”

Soil Scientists
Soil Scientists

Courtesy: ABC


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