First consignment of 390 tons of Kinnow leaves for Dubai, Sri Lanka

December 04, 2012

Citrus Hybrid (Kinnow)

Pakistan, which has fixed almost 0.2 million tons export of Kinnow this year, has started export as first consignment of 390 tons was shipped to Sri Lanka and Dubai on Saturday. For the first time, the export of highly valued fruit has started on a fixed date as Ministry of Commerce had earlier banned export of the Citrus Hybrid (Kinnow) before December 1.

Through a S.R.O 1362(1)/2012, issued on November 8, 2012, the ministry, while making amendments in clauses/rules of export Policy Order 2009, the export of fresh Kinnow banned before this month (December). According to Waheed Ahmed, Chairman, All Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Importers and Merchant Association (PFVA) at least 15 containers each have been sent to Dubai and Sri Lanka.

The production this year is expected to remain around 1.8 million tones with the reduction of 20 percent, the target has been set accordingly. If the citrus oranges are exported as per the target the country may fetch over $110 million foreign exchanges. Last year the country has exported the fruit worth $125 million. Though Iran, Indonesia, Russia, and Middle Eastern countries are the main markets for Pakistani fruits, the reduction in exports to Tehran and Moscow the two important markets for the fruit have caused a drastic reduction in exports, Waheed claimed.

Talking about the export of Kinnow to Iran which was the largest market for the country’s fruit where the country previously exported over 30 percent of its total exports, Waheed said that due to the present restrictions on Iranian banks imposed by the US, Pakistan has lost the important market. Last year only 15,000 tons of Kinnow had exported to the neighbouring country, he claimed. Besides, because of smuggling and unregistered export to Tehran, the country was also losing huge revenue. Stale fruits were being supplied to Irani markets via land route of Balochistan.

Indonesia was also likely to be another important market for Pakistani Kinnow as due to costlier valuation of Pakistani Kinnow only 200 to 250 containers were being exported to the foreign country during last few years. Pakistan may get Indonesian market as alternative of Tehran if the concerned authorities implemented the already signed Preferential Trade Agreement with the foreign country.


Courtesy: BR

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