Malik for evolving consensus on Kalabagh Dam issue

December 03, 2012
Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Sunday said that a consensus should be developed among all the provinces to resolve the Kalabagh Dam issue.

Inaugurating a machine readable passport and visa office at Renala Khurd and addressing a public gathering after laying a Chadar on the grave of Sayed Ismail Shah Bukhari, Karmanwala Rehman Malik said the Kalabagh Dam should be built if all the provinces agreed to it. “However, confusion should not be created among the people on the matter,” he added.

He said that all the provinces should work together to counter terrorism. A decision had been taken in a meeting with the provincial police chiefs that all the provinces would work collectively to eliminate terrorism, he added.

He said: “Mobile sims are moving-bombs as mobile phones have been used in almost all the bomb blasts.”

He said that a meeting of the service providers was called to formulate a clear policy and they had been given three months to do it. He said: “It is the privilege of provinces to call the Army if there is anarchy.” He said if any person was blacklisted because his passport was lost or he received a duplicate one, he did not require permission from the interior minister or the director general but only write an affidavit on a stamp paper for being exempted.

He said that the officers of Federal services should not indulge in wrongdoings while being posted in the provinces. If they are found involved in a case, they will be called by the Federation, face inquiry and punished, he added.

He said that the Punjab rulers should not use foul language against the elected President of Pakistan. “The government has foiled terrorism bids and there is peace in the country except in one or two areas. Taliban leaders like Wali-ur-Rehamn, Hakimullah Mehsud and others were injured and other Taliban are in confusion and fighting with each other,” he added. He said that journalists are receiving threats and a meeting would be called on Monday to make a strategy.


Courtesy: BR

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