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November 27, 2012

PODB, Punjab agriculture department agree to promote oilseed crops

November 27, 2012 Pakistan Oilseed Development Board (PODB) and the Punjab Agriculture Department (Extension wing) have agreed to collaborate for the promotion of oilseed crops in the Punjab by improving the marketing system so that farmers can get a better return for their hard labour and contribute to reducing the edible oil import bill of the country through bringing more area under sowing of oilseed crops. Both the departments held a meeting in Lahore recently to discuss the…

How To Start Goat and Sheep Farming in Pakistan

by Anum - Talib Mag In Pakistan, goat and sheep farming business is very common and popular. Many people in Pakistan prefer to opt goat and sheep farming business. In this post, we will discuss important facts about the goat and sheep farming business in Pakistan. The important facts are as follows: The most important and main fact of goat and sheep farming in Pakistan is that it is the business model. Sheep and goat farming has very unique and incredible business model. Another…

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