Garbage left to rot in open at Punjab Agricultural Univeristy

Nov 24, 2012

Dumped Garbage

LUDHIANA: Irresponsibility is the last thing one would expect from an institution of the stature of Punjab Agricultural University. But where the waste disposal system is concerned, the varsity has thrown caution and regard for scientific principles to the wind and dumped garbage in an open space near fields of rice, grapes and kinnow.

The act does not go unnoticed, especially among students in front of whom the varsity should be setting an example. Manjeet Singh of the College of Agriculture said, “I have been seeing this garbage dump for a long time. It contains plastic bags and even laboratory residue. The garbage dump has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Stray dogs also keep roaming around in the filth.”

Scientists and professors feel this does not reflect well on the university. “It is sad that garbage is being dumped in the open. This will not bring a good name to this institution which is known across the world for its research,” a professor who was not willing to be named, said.

Besides public health, the dump has also jeopardized the aesthetics of the university. What should have been the pleasing sight of luxurious fields brimming with fertility is now a place rendered formidable by the ever present stench of rotting garbage. “Sometimes we have to go that side. But the smell of the garbage dump is nauseating. It is a potential health hazard for students. We want authorities to remove the dump and look for some scientific method of garbage disposal,” Sarabjeet Kaur, a student, asserted.

Meanwhile, university vice-chancellor Baldev Singh Dhillon expressed his ignorance about the dump but reiterated his conviction that garbage should be scientifically disposed of. “I am not aware of this garbage dump, I will have to check. However, I do feel that garbage should be scientifically dumped. I will direct the department concerned to look into the matter.”



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