Scientists asked to concentrate on development of agri research

November 21, 2012

Scientists to play their role for the development of agriculture sector

ISLAMABAD: Scientists to play their role for the development of agriculture sector, said Dr Iftikhar Ahmad Chairman Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) Addressing the scientists of the Association of Former PARC Scientists (AFPS) he stressed scientists should ensure research results to reach at doorstep of farmers to increase production in order to ensure food security in the country.

Dr Akhtar Beg, member of AFPS presented a project on ‘Soybean Cultivation in Pakistan’ for views and comments.

He was of the view in similar environment in India, soybean cultivation has been a success story, so the project on soybean should emphasise on its adoption. The adoption rate will depend upon how we present the available net economic analysis of this crop to farmers. After thorough deliberation on the soybean cultivation project, Dr Amir Muhammed left it to the chairman PARC to get the project endorsed by a proper forum (ALP Project Evaluation Committee) and after receiving the official comments PARC should proceed further for the implementation.

He would extend his support if agricultural credit was needed by the farmers to facilitate adoption of soybean as an important crop through Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited in his capacity of its one of the directors, he added.

Zero tillage technology in Pakistan was introduced about 2-3 decades ago but the same is not widespread as one would like to see. Chairman PARC offered in next meeting he would ask the SSD of PARC to present the economic analysis and its adoption status in the rice-wheat areas of Pakistan.
Courtesy: Daily Times

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