Only three mills begin cane crushing

November 14, 2012

Cane Crushing

After the passage of two weeks, cane crushing in the province could not start in full as only three of the total 32 sugar mills have so far started their operations, sources told Business Recorder. “The non-operational mills are expected to begin their operations after Muharram,” they said, adding that the boilers of all mills have been lighted.

One of the major reasons behind the failure of mills to start operations is the lack of labour, which delayed the crushing on the scheduled date of November 1, they said. There are 29 other sugar mills in the province mills that have illuminated the boilers (a first stage in sugarcane crushing) of their sugar factories.

Industry sources said that the remaining twenty nine sugar mills would commence their operations after 10th Muharam-ul-Haram, adding that Sanghar Sugar Mills, Ranipur Sugar Mills and Mityari Sugar Mills have started their operations.

However, Mehran Sugar Mills, Al-Noor Sugar Mills, Sindh Abadgar Sugar Mills, Habib Sugar Mills, Faran Sugar Mills, Ansari Sugar Mills, New Dadu Sugar Mills, Naudero Sugar Mills, Army Welfare Sugar Mills, Sakrand Sugar Mills, Shahmurad Sugar Mills, Dewan Sugar Mills, Sehri Sugar Mills, Al-Asif Sugar Mills, Tando Muhammad Khan Sugar Mills, Al-Abbas Sugar Mills, Mirpurkhas Sugar Mills, Al-Abbas Sugar Mills, Larr Sugar Mills, Ghotki Sugar Mills, Pangrio Sugar Mills, Mirza Sugar Mills, Bawany Sugar Mills, Najma Sugar Mills, and Dewan Sugar Mills, Badin may start the sugarcane crushing at full capacity after the 10th of Muharam-ul-Haram.

Sources said that the provincial government had already issued two deadlines of October 15 or November 01 to the millers, but the millers could not start crushing due to late fixing of the official cane support price. The Agriculture Department Government of Sindh had fixed the minimum price of Sugarcane at Rs 172/- (Rupees One Hundred Seventy-Two only) per 40 Kg for the crushing session 2012-13. While the Government of Sindh also directed the sugar factories in the province to pay quality premium to the cane growers at the end of the crushing session 2012-13 at the rate of fifty paisa on 40 Kg.

Under the Sugar Factories Control Act, Cane Commissioner Sindh could file cases in the civil courts for the delay which is punishable by one-year imprisonment or Rs 100, 000 fine or both. Sources said that so far the Sindh Cane Commissioner had not served notices to sugar mill owners for not starting crushing in their respective mills in compliance with government directives.


Courtesy: BR

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