Growers urged to sow wheat till November 15

November 12, 2012


Time for wheat sowing is till November 15

The most suitable time for wheat sowing is till November 15 and low production is feared if sown after it, experts said. Agriculture experts told APP on Sunday that farmers should use 50 kg seeds per acre of land for sowing wheat till November 15. “If they are sowing it from November 16 to December 15, they should use 60 kg seeds on each acre of land,” they added.

Growers should apply recommended poisons to seeds to keep them disease free. Farmers should only sow certified wheat varieties for rain-fed areas which include G-A 2002, NARC 2009, Dehrabi 2011 and Chakwal 50, they added.

One sack of diammonium phosphate (DAP), 3/4 urea and 1/2 potassium sulphate should be used in areas low rainfalls. Timely sowing is very important for good production from per acre of land from irrigated lands, they added.

Wheat growers of irrigated land should sow Sehr 2006, Shafaq 2006, Farid 2006, Pasban 90, Inkalab 91, Miraj-2008, Lasani-2008, Faislabad-2008, Punjab 2011, Ari 2011, NRAC 2011, they said.

Farmers should get seeds from Punjab Seed Corporation and its authorised dealers.



Courtesy: APP

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