Indonesia imports 2.174mn tonnes raw sugar in year to Aug

By Parvez Jabri


Indonesia imported 2.174 million tonnes of raw sugar

JAKARTA, 06 November 2012: Indonesia imported 2.174 million tonnes of raw sugar in the year to August against 2.425 million tonnes in 2011, and estimated production at 2.450 million tonnes this year, up from 2.192 million tonnes in 2011, the Indonesian Food and Beverage Association said on Tuesday.

The projected increases are due to a 9 percent growth in the food and beverage industry in 2012, said association chairman Adhi Lukman at the Indonesia Sugar Conference in Jakarta.

The country estimates raw sugar imports at 2.53 million tonnes in 2012 as against imports in 2011 of 2.425 million tonnes the previous year, said Suryo Alam, chairman of the Indonesian Sugar Refineries Association.



Courtesy:  Reuters

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