Chicken meat prices fall 23.80 percent to Rs 160/kg

By Tanveer Sher

Chicken meat has declined by 23.80 percent

KARACHI, October 23, 2012: The retail price of chicken meat has declined by 23.80 percent in the city’s markets and is currently available at Rs 160 per kilogramme (kg) as against Rs 210 per kg, which was attributed by traders on account of low demand spurred by Eidul Azha, which is hardly eight days away.

The demand of chicken-related products by the domestic consumers has gone up to more than 25 percent during the last four to five days.

Previously, chicken meat was sold in the retail markets at Rs 210 per kg, but the sharp decline in its rates has enabled a large section of the population to consume the commodity in their daily consumption.

Talking to Daily Times, Pakistan Poultry Association Chief Convener Maroof Siddiqui informed that during the last five days purchasing power of a large number of consumers has sharply gone up following a big decline in its rates

With the decline in prices of live broiler, chicken meat rates also went down and it’s now priced at Rs 150 to Rs 155 per kg depending on the areas where it’s sold, reflecting a decline of Rs 40 to Rs 45 per kg in its price.

Majority of commercial outlets including fast food restaurants and five star hotels remained unaffected by the inflated price of poultry meat during the past fortnight, as their daily purchasing remained normal and they charged inflated cost from their customers.

Citing reasons for the unexpected decline in the prices of poultry products, Siddiqui termed it owing to marked reduction in sale of chicken meat from thousands of retail outlets in the city, as they are waiting patiently for the decline in prices of poultry products.

“The declining purchasing power of an overwhelming number of poultry customers helped to bring the prices down,” he added.

He predicted that the live broiler and chicken meat price decline would continue in the coming days ahead to the level of Rs 140 to Rs 145 per kg.



Courtesy: Daily Times

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