Government promoting breeding programmes of indigenous cattle

Encouragement in the livestock production

October 22, 2012: Livestock is increasingly becoming an important sector of national economy, contributing even more than all the other agricultural crops combined with 53 percent share in the agriculture sector. The government is promoting and supporting the breeding programs of indigenous cattle thereby to enhance the productivity and to meet the growing export challenges.

This was stated by secretary livestock Iran Elahi while inaugurating the national goat show at University of Agriculture Faisalabad.

He said owing to governmental encouragement in the livestock production, and addressing the marketing issues, now Iran and neighbouring countries approved our meat exports so if we enhanced our production, we can grab the export market of trillion of rupees. The Secretary said government is providing numerous facilities to private sector to invest in livestock and help the public sector in promoting the animal production in more pragmatic way. He said Livestock and Dairy Development Department strives to ensure growth and development of livestock sector in the province thus contributing to national food security, economic uplift, rural development, poverty alleviation, employment generation and foreign exchange earnings.

He felicitated the UAF management for holding a magnificent event of showcasing the indigenous breed so that the animal farmers involve in the production can get true benefit of their produces.

Irfan Elahi said government is vigorously working on poverty alleviation by supporting the livestock subsistence farmers and women, productivity enhancement through improved genetics, balanced nutrition and careful husbandry, better functioning markets and regulatory regime, private enterprise development to optimally realise potential of livestock assets and provision of quality products (dairy and meat) for domestic consumers and export market. The government is executing projects of productivity enhancement in 12 districts of the province to alleviate the poverty in the rural areas. He said his department has registered more than 50,000 animals to raise the productivity and meet the export potentials.

Irfan Elahi said government is providing animals to the farmers and in exchange getting their kids for further promoting the production to other people.

Earlier, UAF VC Professor Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan (SI) said the goat show is 2nd of its kind during the last two years adding that UAF setting new milestones of success by holding two festivals in a year. He said, a farmer has to nourish cattle by taking care for a long time and deserves due encouragement in the form of providing better marketing opportunities. He said UAF is providing an opportunity to the farmers involved in animal production to sell their sacrificial animals in the heart of the city and at the same time to open a window to the local buyers under one umbrella so that they can purchase sacrificial animals on competitive and affordable rates.


Courtesy: BR

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