Bangalore to host conference on biotech crops for food security

Biotech Crops

BANGALORE, Oct 22, 2012: Foundation for Biotechnology Awareness and Education (FBAE) and the Association of Biotechnology-Led Enterprises (ABLE) has decided to hold a conference on ‘Biotechnology crops for food security in India’ here on February 27.

According to a statement from Foundation for Biotechnology Awareness and Education, “Population of the country is projected to be about 160 crore by 2050 and increasing incomes and increasing per capita food consumption is widening the yield-demand gap. India could adopt biotechnology in cotton, leaving huge scope for other crops. The moratorium on Bt brinjal and delay in functionalising Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India are results of opposition by anti-technology activists. This is keeping us away from benefiting from biotech.”

India needs to adopt newer technologies in regard to agriculture like crop genetic engineering to control up the growing challenge of food security. Reports suggest that biotech crops (soya, corn and cotton) are grown in 19 nations.

This conference would be deliberating on the ways to solve the issue of food security threats, new trends in agri-biotechnology, biotech crops for India and biotech regulation.
Courtesy: SME News

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