MoTI to send first-ever cotton policy draft to CCI


Cotton Policy

October 18, 2012: The Ministry of Textile Industry will send draft of first ever cotton policy to the Council of Common Interest (CCI) for approval, sources revealed to Business Recorder. The ministry has initiated work on the cotton policy and begun consultations with all stakeholders, which is likely to be approved before the upcoming budget, sources revealed.

To get input of all the provinces, the ministry will send the second draft of the policy to the stakeholders next week for comments prior to its finalisation. After the passage of 18th Constitutional amendment, cotton has become a subject of the Textile Ministry. The ministry has completed consultation on first policy draft and now after amendments, it would be sent once again to all the stakeholders. The policy would cover seed research, seed certification, seed manufacture, distribution, farmers’ capacity building, better crop estimation, rationalisation of loss relating to cotton, cotton trading, machinery and ginners technology up-gradation. Pakistan produces 9.5 percent of the world’s cotton ranked as fourth largest producer in the world, but for consumption of 10 percent it is ranked third in the world. However, there is no policy in the country to regulate cotton, or its exports and finally work has begun on formulating a comprehensive policy, sources maintained.

Sources further said that presently sub-standard seeds are being sold in the market, which is reducing yield per hectare. Seed dyed in red colour and the traders fraudulently maintain that it contains insecticide thereby successfully selling defective and low quality seeds to the farmers. The policy’s objective is to regulate this sector, to protect the cotton crop and to enhance production to meet domestic industrial requirements. Sowing quality seed is half way security of successful production, but if farmers are offered low quality seed, achieving targets would be difficult.



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