Vegetables prices show significant increase


Increase in vegetables prices

September 16, 2012: A significant increase was observed in prices of vegetables, while rates of most of essential kitchen items remained stable during the past week, a survey carried out by Business Recorder showed on Saturday. Traders and wholesalers in different markets of Rawalpindi/ Islamabad told the surveyors that most vegetable supplies originate from Sindh and other parts of Punjab.

However, recent floods had damaged vegetable crops and road network because of which the supplies were suspended, causing a shortage, thereby increasing vegetable prices. According to the survey, there was a significant increase in vegetables prices this week against prices in the corresponding period last week: tomatoes were available at Rs 70-80 against Rs 60-70 per kg last week, onions were selling at Rs 45 against Rs 42 per kg, potatoes Rs 42 against Rs 40 per kg, carrots Rs 45 per kg, shimla mirch at Rs 120-140 against Rs 80 per kg, arvi at Rs 60 okra at Rs 60 against Rs 50 per kg, chillies at Rs 140 against Rs 120 per kg and cucumbers were being sold at Rs 60-70 against Rs 55 per kg during the previous week.

During the period under review, a significant increase was observed in rice prices; super kernel was available at Rs 134 per kg against Rs 125 at Utility Stores outlets, while the same is being sold at Rs 135-140 per kg in the open market. Basmati rice was available at Rs 90-110 per kg against Rs 80-100 per kg in various markets last week, registering an increase of Rs 10-15 per kg during the plast week.

Chicken (live) was being sold at Rs 110, while chicken meat at Rs 240 per kg during last week against Rs 125 and Rs 250 per kg, respectively. Meat prices remained stable during past week as mutton was available at Rs 550 per kg, whereas beef was being sold at Rs 360 per kg.

Increasing vegetable prices

However, no change was observed in ghee/cooking oil, wheat flour and sugar prices during the past week. Prices of pulses remained unchanged during the previous week as mash was available at Rs 160 per kg, moong at Rs 150 per kg, lobia at Rs 135 per kg, masoor at Rs 125 per kg, while channa was being sold at Rs 145 per kg. No significant change was observed in fruit prices as mango was still available at Rs 100-120 per kg, guava at Rs 50 per kg, banana at Rs 180-200, apple at Rs 80-180 per kg, peach at Rs 120-180 per kg and grapes at Rs 200-280 per kg.



Courtesy: BR

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