Sindh farmers resent shortage of water

August 31, 2012:  Farmers Associates Pakistan (FAP) have strongly resented the problem of shortage of water being faced by the farmers of Sindh for their irrigation needs and indifferent attitude of the Sindh and federal governments towards solving this issue at the earliest.
FAP in a specially convened meeting by its President Dr Tariq Bucha strongly objected to the indifference and apathy of both the governments in the prevalent drought conditions in Umer Kot, Badin and Khairpur Mir and demanded that both the federal and provincial governments should take up immediate steps to resolve these problems of farmers.

FAP members further reiterated their demand for both federal and provincial governments to immediately take up building of reservoirs without which situation will further continue to deteriorate in Sindh. FAP members hoped that government will take serious note of this predicament of the farmers of Sindh enabling them to fulfil their irrigation needs adequately and on time.

Furthermore, the FAP president implored the government to immediately take up the alternative steps for the availability of water by lining of existing canals and khalas, introduction of modernised irrigation systems in Sindh to meet the water requirements of the farmers and building of new reservoirs.

Likewise he also reminded the Punjab government to take up with the federal government to immediately start building of reservoirs in Punjab which besides meeting Punjab’s water requirements will also generate additional electricity eg around 21 MAF water such as from Akhori on Nanda Kas River located in Attock (3.6 MAF), Sanjwal on Jabba Kas River located in Attock (3.6 MAF), Dhok Pathan on Soan River located in Attock (8.50 MAF, 516 MW), Rohtas on Kahan River located in Jhelum (5.75 MAF), Thal Reservoir on Indus River located in Khushab (1.60 MAF, 52 MW), Chiniot Reservoir on Chenab River located in Chiniot (1.40 MAF) and the most viable and ignored Kalabagh Dam (6.1 MAF, 3600 MW) besides Bhasha Dam whose cost has already swelled to USD 12.6 billion which no funding agency agrees to provide.

Dr Tariq Bucha hoped that government will ensure to address the looming water shortage on top priority by building the reservoirs and save the farmers and ensure food security of Pakistan besides saving the possible war between provinces over water which is already brewing by delayed construction of Kalabagh Dam and distribution of water despite the signing of Water Accord 1991.

Courtesy: BR

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