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August 19, 2012

Old School Ag Mixed With New At Sunbelt Expo

Attendees at the Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie this October will see the huge tractors, other farm implements and computer programs leading the way to a new era of agriculture. But Rick Treptow reports there's been some fairly old school plant and crop production work going on at the Expo's 600 acres of field demonstrations. http://youtu.be/RpzgUhQyGVw

Asia on edge as food prices climb

Already contending with weak growth, Asian policymakers are on guard for signs of unrest resurfacing in the region as food prices soar. http://youtu.be/PS6nJDj5iKs

Flood situation normal in Sindh

August 17, 2012:  River Indus is flowing normal at Guddu, Sukkur, Kotri Barrages and will remain in normal flood, according to an announcement of Sindh Irrigation Department Thursday. According to the details, the water discharge at Guddu Barrage was recorded 1,39,758 cusecs upstream and 1,02,694 cusecs downstream, at Sukkur Barrage 86,210 cusecs upstream and 32,580 cusecs downstream and at Kotri Barrage water discharge was recorded 19,080 cusecs upstream while downstream discharge was recorded…

Fishermen flay government for not setting minimum sale price

August 19, 2012:  Financially-struggling fishermen, who are unable to get a better payoff for their catch, have criticised the government for not setting a minimum sale price in the country's largest fisheries market The government, fishermen said, should set a threshold price for seafood catch, primarily for the export-oriented sector, so that they could survive huge losses. "Jaira shrimp is priced at Rs 750 per kg at the beginning of the new fishing season, which is unexpectedly lower for the…

Wheat rates hike: flour prices increased by Rs 25 per 20kg bag

August 19, 2012: Pakistan Flour Mills Association (PFMA), Punjab Chapter has announced to increase the price of 20 kilograms flour bag by Rs 25 from Sunday claiming the step is result of hike in the wheat prices in open market. Now the new price of the 20kg will be Rs 610 per bag instead of Rs 585 per bag. Decision to this effect was taken at an emergent meeting of the association held on Saturday. In an addition to increase announced today, the officials of PFMA will again met on August 28 to…

Gas supply to fertiliser plants: FMPAC lauds government’s intention

August 19, 2012: Fertilizer Manufacturers of Pakistan Advisory Council (FMPAC), a representative body of fertiliser companies has appreciated the government's intention to ensure dedicated gas supply for fertiliser plants on SNGPL network by allowing them to buy the gas directly from oil producing companies. ECC in its recent meeting has passed a summary that will allow the SNGPL based fertiliser plants to buy gas directly from well head in order to reduce the burden from gas distribution…

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