Rural Development

Pakistan at the moment is passing through a very critical juncture where its sovereignty and dignity is at crossroads. Undoubtedly, the current crises may turn into an opportunity provided the existing rules of business are challenged and a paradigm shift takes place at policy and decision making levels. Current situation also portrays the leadership crisis and dynastic legacy of power elites who have been badly failed to challenge the hegemonic control of capitalistic forces. The time has come to replace the capitalism with humanism by changing the current orthodoxy of power. The time is also demanding to change the much conventional roles of masters/slaves, lords/subjects into leaders and leadership.

The New Year has started with inestimable challenges of poverty, bad governance, post disaster effects and protracted regional and global conflicts. This unprecedented pace and magnitude of the challenges demands very dynamic, visionary and values centered leadership which accords prime importance to human values on monetary value in all matters of life. .

In this New Year the agenda of power seems to be reshaping further and new structures and policies will emerge to serve the interests of few. The new language of power is gaining momentum and gradually being recognized and accepted by powerless. Undoubtedly all these changes will have strong influence on our attitude, behavior

 and way of living. Pakistan is not a resource poor or knowledge poor country. It has all sorts of human, material and natural resources. It only lacks the visionary, credible and principle centered leadership.

Leadership is not a Utopian phenomenon; we can have it, develop it and nurture it with our enthusiasm, commitment and passion for change. Every citizen is a leader if he/she takes a positive, bold and decisive step as a known and responsible being. While s

tepping forward into New Year, I would urge the RDP team and people from all over the country to come forward as responsible beings and take affirmative actions to make this country the safe and better place for living


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