Seminar held on ‘Banking Products and Services

May 31, 2012: On the occasion of an introductory seminar on “Banking Products and Services” held in collaboration with the Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (HCCI), Small & Medium Enterprises Development Authority (Smeda) and Silk Bank Limited in Hyderabad, Senior Vice President HCCI, Turab Ali Khoja on Wednesday said that small and medium enterprises could not improve because of lack of knowledge of banking products and services.

He said that for the development of industrial and business sectors it is important to hold such seminars to provide first hand information to the businessmen and industrialists. While Regional Business Co-ordinator of Smeda, Ikhtiar Ahmed Khoso in his address said that during the year 2007 SMEs sector received loans up to 16 percent whereas the percentage of loans received in 2010 was only 10 percent.

He said that the economy of the country depends on small and medium enterprises which comprised about 92 percent of industrial sector. He further said that Smeda in collaboration with HCCI and Silk Bank arranged this seminar on Banking Products and Services for the general awareness of small and medium enterprises to take advantage from banking sector for the development of their enterprises.

Khursheed Ahmed Khan, Relationship Manager of Silk Bank explained seminar on “Banking Products & Services” in detail. He covered almost all the topics on import, export, running finance, trade financing, long-term financing, working, capital etc and banking products for the improvement and development of SME’s sector. He provided necessary information in detail and informed that such informative seminars are being arranged in various cities of Pakistan for the development of SMEs sector.


Courtesy: BR

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