Water Crisis in Pakistan


Water Shortage
Water Shortage

Lahore March 16, 2012:  The Federal Government should take the matter in International Court regarding Indian aggression in its water war against Pakistan. This was stated by Mr. Ahmad Ali Aulakh, Minister for Irrigation, Punjab here at Lahore today while talking to mediamen. The minister said that India is endangering the Indus water treaty by connecting Chenab with Bias river which is another below to country’s water resources after construction of disputed Woller  Biradge and Baghliar Dam.

He said that agriculture is a backbone of country, whereas Pakistan is already facing severe shortage of irrigation water. He said that Chenab river is allocated to Pakistan under the provisions of the Indus Water Treaty. This diversion of Chenab water would not only be violation fo the Treaty but would also create water shortages in Pakistan particularly during the low flow periods of Rabi and early Kharif seasons. He further said that in order to meet the requirements of standing Rabi crops the requisite supplies had to be drawn from the reservoirs which caused extra depletion of the reservoir levels. Resultantly Tarbela level depleted to the dead storage level of RL-1378 on 7th March, 2012 and the Mangla reservoir level has depleted to the minimum level of RL-1040 on 10th March, 2012. After the depletion of the reservoirs the availability would be restricted to the river flows only which may be short of the requirements of the standing Rabi crops. The shortages would accentuate to about 50% of the average uses during the period March 11-20 and may reduce to about 30% during the period March 21-31. He further added, the Minister said that instead of building new water reservoirs and adding cheap hydroelectricity to the national grid, the Federal Government is allowing India to deprive us off our existing water resources, which is no doubt a national crime.


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